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DriveNow was a one-way carsharing service wholly owned by the automotive manufacturer BMW.

Nick shares his disappointing experience on, "I booked through DriveNow and I had to chase for my $50 deposit which I still haven't been payed back from car rental company. I complained to DriveNow, they haven't done anything. So disappointed."


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Driver (Former Employee) says

"I had problems at job had to leave unsuitable work place. Also was getting pay less but had to do my job as driver and more with no extra pay. I was hired as a driver but also had work on trucks as diesel engineer assistant wit no extra pay."

Transfermitarbeiter (Former Employee) says

"Für Teilzeitarbeit ist es okay Ansonsten nicht .."

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I still could be there except for a few people I didn't care for and the assumptions that were labeled against me. One day I am considering going back there and apply again just to see how much they have changed."

Jack says


Jack says

"awful company, put £99 refundable deposit down and refused refund. AVOID"

GG says

"Horrible company to deal with. Customer service is very unfriendly and does not even try to help resolve issues. AVOID"

her says

"Scammers they will rob you"

Duarte Pereira says

"I heard that Drive Now was going to suspend its activity in Lisbon so I wanted to request a refund of the refundable amount that I have in the customer's account. I have already sent an email more than two weeks ago and still have not received a reply. When contacting via phone you are told to continue to wait."

Dayanan Baptist says

"I’ve never had issues with DriveNow in the past. Never! But since migrating to ShareNow I’ve had every issue imaginable. I’m not able to unlock the cars because it says error every time I try to do so. They’ve always been known for having an excellent customer service but this time it’s completely useless and full of attitude. I’m still not I’m to unlock any of the cars and no help from customers service at all."

Edda Caputo says

"Not worth it at all! It is super expensive compared to similar companies and customer service is useless. I am not surprise they are forced to discontinue the service."

Zebosha Tursunova says

"For the first time ever we decided to try out a rental service in Budapest. We normally don’t use such services as we do prefer driving our own car. My husband and I have a premium manual BMW 320 and we appreciate the luxury of maintaining high end vehicles. We both have over 15 years of experience. Additionally we don’t have any record of auto accidents or damaging personal cars. We are self made entrepreneurs who know the value of money, businesses, humanity, ethical approach to life generally. And the very first time we decided to try out Drive Now service since they offer premium cars that we would be interested trying out. We read all the FAQs, learned about the app, and were ready for it. We were on our way to Thanksgiving dinner that evening. We found the nearest car, and were following every direction was given by the app. We got it, safely drove that Mini Cooper to our destination, parked the car. As we got out the app asked to take photos after using the car. Which we did. Right there and then, I thought to myself, how come the app doesn’t ask to take photos before getting into the vehicle. I did make a note in my mind that when leaving a review to them, I should mention about taking photos beforehand. When we took photos after parking the car at our destination, we did see the scratches and stuff. But we were absolutely sure that this has been reported to the company by previous users as the scratches were present prior to our use. Few days later, we get an email in Hungarian from Andras accusing us in damaging the car! We sent all the photos we took that day of the car, and encouraged them to focus on the users before us as we are 100% sure that the scratch was not ours, moreover we would not even think of getting away with this if it was us! They got back to us with false allegations and charging us a whooping 1000 euros for something that my husband and I DID NOT DO! Unless Drive Now doesn’t change their app to being more transparent, and asking users explicitly to take photos before and after, there will be a lot more of lawsuits happening! Next time they hear from us is from our lawyer at the court!"

BDE Entertainment says

"I signed up and now they say I cant drive with them give me back my money and they refuse to give me back the 9.83 that you use to register"

Bri says

"Made two trips under £1 each. They have been holding just under £25 of my money for over a week.
Despite calls this hasn’t been sorted.
Once they know how much a trip has cost they should charge the amount and release the rest. My husband uses this sometimes 6 x per week and by the end of the month at one point they were holding nearly £300 for trips costing only £50. This isn’t right."

EVREN says

"Day time robbery! Zone A parking charge creeps in.

I have been charged £3.99 for parking a drive now car in the areas I have been parking since using this service. They have brought in a Zone A parking area, without informing customers properly. A newsletter email, sent (apparently, as I never received), was how they have informed customers on a APP based service. Any app that has new rules/updates/.. communicates changes via a simple notification. Drive now fails to do this.

So, no communication at all and a £3.99 charging for parking their car. When talked to the customer service representative, they have even acknowledged that this was an issue faced by many customers, and they were not happy about this change, however the company enforces them not to give out refunds.

I emailed the company, and no refund!

On top of everything drive now, thanks for this change, as I don`t seem to have any cars around areas that I used to find cars easily.

Not informed, robbed, not refunded, and left without a fair service!

Absolute shocking!"

Andreas Englezou says

"A perfect illustration of how to annoy and alienate your loyal customer-base. Used to use DriveNow all the time, until they introduced their ridiculous £4 parking charge, rendering DriveNow prohibitively expensive. Add this to a level customer service which is nothing short of lamentable. I voted with my feet. Account closed. A dreadful company that went from Hero-to-Zero in a very short space of time."

Emilio Germino says

"I've been charged 10 euros for logging in and then not being allowed to use the app. When I wrote to them to find out why I should pay for a service they wouldn't allow me to use, they said that's not their problem. Shame on you. Very disappointed with the app. It's almost like a stay."

Malcolm says

"Drive Now demonstrates a very poor attitude toward customer service. I was very interested in joining the service but before I did so, I had some questions. The website encourages you to ask questions you might have about the service, either by email or by phone. So I sent an email asking 3 questions that weren’t explained on their FAQs page. The reply I received surprised me. I was told they couldn’t answer my questions until I paid and registered with the service.
So I was basically being told that I had to pay to join the service, before they would answer the questions I was asking in order to decide whether I wanted to join the service.
This tells me not enough are joining, if they are pressuring people to join rather than simply answering reasonable questions.
This also resonates with other poor reviews I have read in relation to the poor customer service members are experiencing.
I have emailed asking why I have to pay to register before they would explain the service and I am waiting for a reply."

Marios Karydis says

"The company decided to implement an underground charge of £4 pounds without any notification in app, and no clear guides as to where this extra charge is applied.
This is an absolute scam, avoid their services."

Seamus Seamus says

"I have used Drive Now since it’s inception in London. It has been generally hassle free until recently. Once there was a charge of c. £400 which wasn’t refunded for over a month. I have had trouble ending rentals. Refuelling credit is not what it seems as the customer is charged for the time. On one occasion I tried to end a rental by place an electric car on a charge. I gave up after 10 minutes as I had elsewhere to be. When I called customer service I was told it was my fault and responsibility. I’m not sure whether this is built into the pricing system. Recently a new charge for ending a rental in specific zones near my home of £3:99 plus vat ensured I delete the app immediately."

TheproGamers TpG says

"Worst company ever, never again."

Morten Thorup says

"Raising their prices to the double of what it used to be, is def keeping me away from this service. Furthermore their system is often broken, meaning that you can't sign of from a trip.

Lastly customer service is some of the most arrogant people I have ever talked to in customer service. One guy even said to me that I shouldnt care of the extra 10 kr I was charged wrongly, since it wasnt anything more than just that. When I then asked to speak to his manager about this, he hung up on me.

Its def not worth it, take the public transport system instead, at least you wont get screwed the same way as with drivenow"

Jamil Ahmed says

"I'm based in London: with other alternatives such as Zipcar who have excellent rates and services I'm not sure why Drivenow's lowest price is zipcar's highest. Nevertheless, I didn't mind and I had been using Drivenow a lot but finally gave up because I was banned for speeding 😅 been using zipcar, ubeeqo and the countless other companies for years and they've never had a problem with my driving. Anyway the thing that bugs me the most is their payment system. It is utterly confusing and doesn't match with what your bank statement is showing you so after calling both drive now and the bank I've given up and am just hoping I was charged the right amount because I had built up a lot of monetary credit throufh charging/refuelling"

Dan1990 says

"For me

The money is too expensive.

In one day I used the car for 62 mins and in total and was charged 43.20 for the day. That is far too expensive for any service especially in london.

For me I do not think I will use the service again. I will have to use another service or simply go back to public transport."

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